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Product Name: 3-Amino-2-chloro-4-methyl pyridine
English Name: 3-Amino-2-chloro-4-methyl pyridine
Alias: 2-chloro-3-amino-4-methylpyridine; 2-Chloro-3-amino-4-methyl pyridine; 3-amino-2-chloro-4-methylpyridine; 2-chloro-4-methylpyridin-3-amine; 3-chloro-2-methylpyridin-4-amine
CAS RN: 133627-45-9
Molecular Formula: C6H7ClN2
Molecular Weight: 142.58
Property: Light brownish yellow to colorless crystal, mp 62-64℃. Soluble in dichloromethane
Content: ≥98.5%(HPLC) Moisture≤0.5%
Packing: 25kg fiber drum
Properties: Melting Point 61-64°C
Use: Important intermediate for the synthesis of Nevirapine

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